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Water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring can be conducted:
- Continuously: fixed stations often with telemetry
- Project: to answer specific research questions
- Temporary or seasonal: for example water quality monitoring at beaches
- Emergency: after spills or accidents.

Reasons for water quality monitoring:
- To characterize waters and signalize trends
- To identify specific water quality problems
- To gain information about pollution
- To be able to answer effects of control actions
- To determine the effects of spills.

Aquifer Consultancy can collect data and samples by using different sensors and analyze them in a laboratory. All sensors and samplers are validated before use and a registry of use is available. The collected data contains chemical information such as oxygen, nutrients, metals, oils, and pesticides or physical information such as temperature, flow, sediments, and the erosion potential. Together with ecologists we also can gain biological information of the abundance and variety of aquatic plant and animal life. All results can be delivered in several formats. Aquifer Consultancy can prepare a monitoring campaign including calibrations and take care of all the activities. Instruments available are:

- OBS 3+ optical backscatter turbidity probe, turbidity up 2000 NTU.
- OBS 3A turbidity (up 4000 NTU), depth, waveheight, periode, temperature en conductivity,

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