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The Vibrocore is the flexible solution for taking soil samples. In developing the instrument by SpecialtyDevices Inc. (SDI) is employability chosen as a starting point. The vibrocore is electrically driven, is portable and can be easily operated from a small workboat. With a high vibration frequency, the 7.6 cm pipe (PVC,stainless steel, aluminum or acrylic) is inserted into the sediment. This can be up to about 3 meters. With this, the manual drilling in the sediment is now behind us and this makes it a unique product in the Netherlandsand even in Europe!

Aquifer Consultancy has signed a distribution agreement with the manufacturer SDI, Specialty Devices Inc.The Vibrocore is for rent and for sale at Aquifer Consultancy, the only one in the Netherlands. For moredetailed information, download the product information sheet below.

The Vibrocore has already been successfully deployed by soil sampling in two harbours: Buitenhaven in Stellendam and the Voorhaven in Gorinchem.

Eerder was de Vibrocore al ingezet bij de bodembemonstering van de Buitenhaven in Stellendam en de Voorhaven in Gorinchem.

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> Waterbodemonderzoek (NL)

> Sediment sampling (EN)

> Gewässerbodenuntersuchung (DE)

> L’étude des sédimnts aquatiques (FR)

> Sondeos en el fondo marino (ES)

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