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Many projects currently initiated by Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch governmental organization) are according to the IPM model (Integrated Project Model) project organization. In this model a number of distinct roles can be defined. One of these is the area manager. The area manager is responsible for the interaction between the project and the total project area. The area manager has a different role at various stages of a project. In the first exploratory phase of a project the role is focused on customer relationship management and maintaining strategic contacts. During the design process, where choices have to be made according to the design, the areamanager takes care of the cooperation between all individuals involved. During the realization of a project, the role of the area manager is more focused on project-specific management such as realizing cooperation of several authorities. This can vary from organizing permits and communication with stakeholders. During the phase of maintenance the communication is more service-oriented and is more like a point of interest for questions and problems.

Aquifer Consultancy supports all these processes. This includes communication with government, companies, external parties and residents. We promote cooperation with the various stakeholders in the project and take into account the different interests. In addition, we identify bottlenecks in processes and solve them in consultation with the projectmanager.

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